Naval (Belly Button) Piercing

Pain Rating: 5 out of 10

Naval piercings are one of the most popular piercings of all body piercings.

There are a few variations of a naval piercing: standard naval piercing, a lower naval piercing and a floating naval piercing! If you’re not sure what you want always check with your piercer first to make sure it’s the right option for you. 

You will be pierced using a curved barbell and will need to keep this jewellery in without any changes for at least 6 months till it is healed up, once healed you have the option to fit a ring! 

It is advised to not to take a bath or swim for up to one month after having a naval piercing as if it is submerged it is at more risk of infection.

Jewellery size: 10 mm/ 14g 

Healing Time: 2-3 months
Belly button piercing chart

Nipple Piercing

Pain Rating: 7 out of 10

Nipple piercings seem scary but they’re not as bad as everyone thinks! They are in a sensitive area but they are always done quickly and safely - they take the same amount of time as any other ear piercing! They will be pierced using a barbell. 

Nipples are pierced with a longer bar than most piercings; this is due to the swelling. A longer bar helps accommodate for this but it is very important to downsize this piercing when it is healed. 

Jewellery Size: 14 mm/ 14 g

Healing Time: 4-6 months

Surface Piercing

Pain Rating: 3 out of 10

Surface piercings can go anywhere on your body. Some of the most common places include: the nape of the neck, collar bones, chest and cheek! 

They are pierced using a curved barbell. It is common for a surface piercing to reject from your skin so always discuss with your piercer before if you are considering this piercing. .

Jewellery size: 10 mm/ 16g 

Healing Time: 2-3 months
Belly button piercing chart

Body Piercing FAQs

Are surface piercings the same as dermals? 

No, a dermal is singular anchor type jewellery which is inserted into the skin through a single punch to the skin. A surface piercing is two holes and will use a curved barbell and will not anchor itself into the skin. 

Do surface piercings hurt? 

Surface piercings may seem painful but they don’t go through any cartilage, it’s just skin! They can be described as a slight pinch but manageable.

Do I get a discount if I get both nipples pierced?

No, there is no discount to pierce both nipples. It's the price times 2 as they are 2 different piercings.

How old do I have to be to get my belly button pierced.

he minimum age requirment for belly button piercings is 16, but you'll need to bring a parent or guardian with you.

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