Tattoo After Care Instructions

By following the aftercare instructions, you will significantly minimise the risk of infection or other issues.

  1. Make sure that you fully wash your hands before touching or cleaning your tattoo.
  2. Your tattoo will be covered with cling film or second skin when you leave. If it’s cling film- remove after 2-3 hours and gently wash the area with a mild (fragrance free) soap and warm water. Gently cleanse. 
  3. If second skin was placed on you tattoo, you can leave this on until the next day. To remove it, do so under warm water (like in the shower). Lift a corner and stretch it horizontally along the skin surface to avoid breaking the adhesive bond. Continue stretching the film to the centre. When both edges of the film are partially removed, grab both sides at the same time and stretch horizontally and parallel to the skin until the entire film lifts up. 
  4. Dry your new tattoo using a fresh piece of paper towel or air dry. Don’t rub it and avoid using a bath towel.
  5. Apply a very small amount of cream so that it forms a barrier on the skin. You only want enough to moisturise it. Too much cream can inhibit healing. You can use any tattoo healing cream/ balm or Bepanthen.
  6. For approximately 10 days or until the area are healed, repeat steps 1-4.


Take showers as normal, but avoid soaking it in the bath until healed. 


Helpful Tips 

Your new tattoo may have some localised pain and swelling after. This is normal. It usually goes away a few days later. If you feel as though the area gets redder, gets more swollen and feels hotter than the surrounding skin, you may be developing an infection.  Please come back or see your GP right away if you feel unwell or see any of these symptoms.

Don’t wear restrictive clothing that rubs your new tattoo.     

Your tattoo will scab. It’s important to keep it clean and dry until the scabbing has come off. Do not pick or pull on the scab- this can lead to pigment loss and/ or scarring.

If your tattoo itches, that’s normal. Don’t scratch it. It can help to gently pat it to relive the itch.

Touching your tattoo with unclean hands or anything else will increase the risk of infection. Don’t let anything touch it. 

For at least two weeks, avoid swimming or baths where the tattoo is submerged.

Do not use a sun bed and take care when in the sun. 

Don’t use any lotion in your cupboard. It’s best to use a tattoo healing cream/ balm or Bepanthen. 


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